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Caldwell is rewriting the Comprehensive Plan! A Comprehensive Plan is a visionary document that serves as a roadmap for the future development and growth of the community. It's a comprehensive, long-term strategy that outlines the goals, policies, and priorities to guide many elements including, but not limited to land use, transportation, housing, economic development, and natural resources. The plan is not just a technical document; it will be a reflection of Caldwell’s values, aspirations and dreams for the future.


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Phase 1: Foundation and Vision

October 2023- March 2024

Foundation and Vision. Includes the project kickoff, community interviews, a public questionnaire and public meetings. The goal of the first phase is to identify challenges, opportunities, and values in Caldwell.


Phase 2: Trends and Opportunities

April 2024- September 2024

Trends and Opportunities. Includes visioning workshops, community choice events, two questionnaires, and additional public meetings. This phase will ask the community to identify a unifying vision and set of supporting goals and priorities.

Phase 3: Creating the Plan

October 2024- March 2025

The Plan. Includes a public review event, where the public is asked to weigh in on the draft plan, online review activities to ensure that the draft plan is easily accessible to as many community members as possible, and additional public meetings. The goal for this phase is to ensure that the City has thoroughly reviewed and discussed the plan and that the goals and objectives that it contains are the right fit for the community.